why does place matter to my writing

Why does place matter to my writing. Because all writing has a place. The place you wrote, the place the writing brings you, the place the writing sits while waiting to be read. Place is what allows you to write and feel like a part of the writing. In a less literal sense, place has no effect on writing because you can be anywhere, and still write. Location can be anywhere or anything and the writing will still exist, so long as

My favorite place in writing.
My favorite place in writing

there are readers and writers. So I guess place can be the foundation of all writing or it can be utterly meaningless.

Writing is also a superb way to explore a place. In this sense, the place is pivotal to the writing but it also can be done in any place. You can write to better understand how you feel about a place, what you see in a place, or how a place effects you as an individual and your view of the world. Place has a huge impact when it comes to us being people and when being a person that is a writer, we use place to understand that impact.